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Photoshop To Unity

Unity Version: 2019.1.0f2

by Charles Burt on 16/06/2019

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The Problem:
Designers usually supply you with an accurate .psd or .psb file which represents what the final build will look like. You have to recreate this inside Unity, but the file is very complex, with many layers, and it would take ages to manually select, export, import, place and compare each item within the Photoshop file, in order for it to be recreated inside Unity. 
The Photoshop file will be changed many times, requiring you to restart the workload each time, grinding your day to a stop.

The Solution:
Have Unity automatically split each image layer into a sprite, so you can just drag and drop the Photoshop file into the scene once its inside the Project>Assets folder. 
If a new version of the Photoshop file is provided, just replace the old version, and all the assets will update immediately in the scene, positions, scales, deleted layers and renamed layers.

Implementation Steps start from 5 minutes into the video above.

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Charles Burt

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This tutorial was written by me, Charles Burt. Nice to meet you!

I have over a decade of experience in creating software using the Unity Editor and setting up teams around projects.

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